Shaped CD

We are specialized in the production of multi-shaped CD’s and CD Rom, with a wide range of custom shaped, and Business card shaped CD. Get a variety of irregular CD shapes that are perfect to gift someone. Just to give a brief, our customized CD’s are available in heart-shape, crystal shape, or even in the shape of a business card! So next time you carry a CD of a project in a business meeting, take this a business card shaped CD and stun others of your unique business style!

Rectangle, square, oval, or any irregular shape, we have CD’s in every capacity and size. All the parts of the shaped CD are decorated, with the exception of the circular tracks. These special CD’s are very catchy in their appearance and can hold the eyes of customers. So shopkeepers can keep these blank CD’s in display, and entice the prospective customers!

Along with excellent quality, we also keep our prices as the most reasonable. We are a leading online retailer in this domain and have been selling custom shaped CD’s and business card shaped CD’s with the largest catalogue of hundred of products available online. In the high-tech industry of electronic goods, we move on a two-way success motto of robust technology, and reliable delivery system.

So order for your favorite shaped CD today. We guarantee you of quality and accuracy. We also customize CD’s and CD Rom’s on special orders. Shaped CD’s- that’s the new trend in the world of computer hardware!

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