CD Packaging

Easy Replication is the first choice of professionals for CD packaging. We offer standard CD packaging services at a great price and uncompromising quality. We offer Custom CD packaging and Mini CD packaging that protects=20 your CD from damage like scratches, etc. We have all types of rigid CD packaging covers that make your compact disc safe and scratchproof. Our prices are minimal when compared to other online CD /DVD packaging retailers. We deal in advanced and state-of-the-art packaging like slimline jewel case, common yet reliable Digipack packaging, stylish and modern Jakebox, plastic Soft Case, Snap case, and choice of the many-Discbox Slider. We have many more cheap CD packaging cases.

The Slimline jewel cases we store are perfect for custom CD packaging and can store two CD’s without having scratches on its surface. Similarly, Digipack packaging is best for Mini CD packaging. Made with paper from inside, it opens like a notebook and is considered environmental friendly. Jakebox is the stylish way to keep your CD’s in a display. We have these modernistic jukebox packaging for Custom CD packaging and Mini CD packaging. The quality of our CD packaging is up to the mark and is 100% original.

So if you are looking for authentic CD packaging, you have a scope of choosing from our extensive range. For other uniquely designed CD case, browse our site and find creative cases that have artistic designs on them. Find cheap CD packaging cases at a worthwhile price.