Shaped DVD

BUY business card shaped and custom shaped DVD’s from our extensive range and avail the benefits. These DVD’s can be used in any special event or promos, special event marketing, as a promotional tool in new product launches, grand openings, or as a direct mail campaign. Probably you can distribute DVD’s matching the shape of your product as a newer and a smarter way of promotional scheme! For instance, if you are a newly opened camera store, you could hand out a camera shaped DVD’s. You name the shape, and we have it. Axe shape, flower shaped, triangle or a crystal, shape of a house, or a guitar, from music lovers to lovers of flowers, we have unique DVD’s that match their style.

We also have business card shaped DVDs, which can be used in almost all the DVD drives. And because of the availability of numerous size and shape, it is ideal to customize them in the form of company’s logo. All these shaped DVDs that we stock are of best quality and cost effective. And does it get any better? We also make interactive business cards that bear the name of the person! User-friendly and compact as they are, many music store companies are also selling these attractive DVDs.

Rest assured of the excellent services, at competitive prices in the market. We are a team of creative professionals that design custom shaped DVDs every other day. Get these modernistic, shaped DVD’s home and enjoy the new way of playing DVDs.

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