SD Card Duplication

The market for SD card duplication is already a billion dollar industry. That’s because changing from optical media to solid state makes more sense when it comes to saving content because you remove the proprietary format.First, the SD card is smaller than optical media which means more convenience and faster transfer of data. You can write and rewrite data much easier to an SD card compared to a CD or DVD. It’s safe to say that it’s going to increase exponentially since more and more devices—from PCs, cameras, smart phones—are using SD and micro SD cards to store data.

And because it’s a billion dollar industry, there are always going to be companies trying to take advantage of trusting consumers. Although it’s not exclusive to the industry as money will always attract unscrupulous entrepreneurs, it’s best to work with service providers who know what they are doing.

easyreplication is your one-stop shop for all your SD card duplication needs. We have been in the industry for over 12 years now and success rate is one of the highest in the industry, if not the highest. We take care to verify and check every memory card that comes out of our machines to ensure that all content are duplicated properly. Any damaged product is isolated and discarded. Our failure rate, we are proud to say, is less than 0.01%.

Achieving that negligible failure rate in SD card duplication is no accident. We have invested so much in our equipment and personnel to ensure that you only get the service you deserve. Our machines can render SD card duplication at rapid rate for fast turnover. We aim to deliver every order, no matter how large the volume, in just 24 hours.

We are one the few companies that are ISO-certified. This certification is awarded by an independent evaluator only to companies that have complied with the international standards on management standards, and product quality. When a company is certified, you can be assured that you are dealing with a reliable service provider.

Our ESD rooms are sanitised and strictly regulated for climate control and air humidity. Our floors and furniture are conductive to avoid electro-magnetic fields from damaging the electronic data being transferred during the SD card duplication process. Employees are also required to wear overalls, shoes and gloves while working. They are checked for minute electromagnetic fields before they are even allowed to enter the room.

You can be assured that we will handle any of your confidential data with care. Our work area is equipped with security cameras to monitor the activities of each employee conducting the SD card duplication. Each room is isolated by electronic access controls to keep out unauthorised persons.

Memory cards which are physically damaged are automatically flagged by the system and separated out. At the duplication stage, copy protection and serialization can also be built into the process.

Many digital duplication providers products are secure, but only one is Failsafe.

Failsafe is a global leader in Secure Digital (SD) Card Duplication and home to North America’s largest memory card duplication facility.

Duplication is performed using the latest Secure Digital technology, at speeds over 3.2MB/sec. At Failsafe, we can duplicate thousands of Secure Digital (SD) Cards with the exact same data, encode independent data onto thousands of individual cards, or anything in between.

Along with Secure Digital (SD) Card Duplication, we provide labeling, packaging, assembly and fulfillment services leaving no limit to what can do with your Secure Digital Card project.

Custom Labeling

Make a lasting impression with a custom printed Secure Digital (SD) Card label. Failsafe can print almost any image or text, in up to five colors on any of our Secure Digital (SD) Card labels. Failsafe offers quick turn times at an affordable price. Contact us for more information.

Custom Packaging

While spending your time developing your Secure Digital (SD) product, it is easy to forget about the packaging. Why deliver your new Secure Digital (SD) product in some boring old plastic bag? The first impression you get to make with your new Secure Digital (SD) product should last! Failsafe Media Company has an assortment of unique Custom Packaging products to make that first impression count. Deliver a sure shot to your customers with Custom Packaging and ensures your products effectiveness! Contact us now for more information.

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