DVD Business Cards

A DVD Business card is same as CD Business card where desired company information, product promotion details and informative data are stored for personal and business purposes.
Although both DVD Business card and CD Business card are used to present your businesses to clients and customers, but the use of DVD Business cards have taken a lead over CD Business card due to its large data storage capacity.

Normally storage capacity of a single layered DVD-ROM stands at 4.7 GB and goes up to 17 GB in double layered DVD-ROM, but high capacity CD-ROM can store data only up to 650 or 700 MB. Hence, if you are assigned for long hour business presentation with detail description of your business processes or need to show website brochure, DVD videos at a time, then you must prefer using DVD Business card instead of CD Business cards.

Suppose, a customer come to your office calling your services, and imaging handing him company details through your DVD Business cards instead of paper brochure or heavy paper files. Does not he be impresses more about your professionalism? Yes! DVD-Business card gives a dynamic look to your business.

Using CD and DVD Business cards for marketing purpose is more effective and cheaper than doing same through paper business cards. You can not accommodate enough information in paper cards meant for marketing, and managing it costs you high. Hence interactive DVD Business card is an economical and manageable storage media which is not easily distorted and passes on from one client to other.

With the steady advancement of technology, more new companies are emerging to provide you advanced DVD-replication and DVD-duplication services. DVD-ROM is available in varied custom shapes with different storage capacity. By selecting suitable one, you can strengthen your marketing approach and win the heart of hundreds of potential customers.