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DVD Replication

easyreplication offers DVD Replication at very affordable rates. See the prices/deals page for more details. Easy Replication Scotland UK specialises in flash drive manufacturing, Compact Disc (CD) or Digital Video Disc (DVD) replication in the UK. We only hire highly qualified employers and consultants with dedicated tasks from marketing, design, production and supervisory functions. We encourage them to be independent and harness their innate creativity for every DVD replication service.

Depending on the orders, we can deliver from one day to a week. We accept rush orders with a typical turnaround time of 24 hours for those demonstrations or promotional campaigns that couldn’t wait. There are no maximum orders for bulk DVD replication. We can handle millions of units if that is what you require.

We have a wide array of packaging solutions from jewel cases, digipacks, amaray or multi-case as part of DVD replication services. We can also customise a packaging for you that will properly promote your album, product or brand. easyreplication UK employs very talented digital artists and designers in the field. That means we will take care of the layout of your DVD cover and take that headache out of your hands.

Are you an aspiring musician and needs to stand out from a rest? Are you a company looking to expand your marketing strategies through DVD presentations? You need a finished product that looks polished and professional in order for record labels, retailers or radio DJs to take notice.

We have the experience, the personnel and the technology to get you where you want to go. For example, want to be unique from the typical album packaging of other musicians? Why not produce a DVD that is shaped like a guitar?

mini DVD replication

mini DVD replication – 80 mm DVD replication – 8 cm DVD replication

Mini DVD’s are an increasingly attractive option, as more people generally are adopting DVD playing technologies such as stand-alone DVD players (for TV) and DVD handling devices on computers. Just about any tray loading device DVD player can handle mini sized DVD discs (see Mini DVD Information below). With a useful 1.4 GB of capacity and full colour surface printing, mini DVD stand out as a very attractive alternative to standard-sized discs and our feedback suggests more people are likely to explore and treasure mini DVD’s.

mini DVD information

Mini DVD can be played on any tray loading device, including computers and stand-alone DVD players; this is because nearly all trays incorporate indentations and ridges designed specifically to accommodate mini discs (8 CM diameter). If you open the disc loading tray on your computer or stand-alone DVD player you can verify this.

Our mission is to deliver customer satisfaction for DVD replication services. This is what drives and motivates us to give our 110% every time.


We deliver!

We can also introduce categories, table of contents, chapter, menus, subtitles into the finished DVD replication product, depending on your specifications. We fully understand that not everybody might have the necessary budget, so call our knowledgeable marketing representatives who can help offer you a pricing point that is not only affordable but also one of the lowest in the industry of DVD replication services. We pride ourselves of being able to keep abreast of the prices offered by our competitors.

If you have any doubts as to our capability. Just remember that we are one of the few DVD replication companies in the industry that are ISO certified. That means our services and processes are truly world-class.


DVD Replication Technical Information

What is the difference between a DVD and a CD?

Unlike a CD, a DVD consists of two sides made of plastic which are stuck together. These sides are also called layers. Data can be pressed at a far higher density on both layers than on a CD, giving the DVD a considerably greater storage capacity.

What are the different formats in bulk DVD replication?

  • DVD 5 can handle 4.7 gigabyte of data on one side with single layer.
  • DVD 9 can handle 8.5 GB of data. The finished product has dual layers but a single read-side.
  • DVD 10 can handle 9.4 GB of data. The finished product is single layer though with two sides readable.
  • DVD 18 can handle 17.0 GB of data. The finished product has dual layers with both sides readable.

Based on the amount of data you can store alone, with capacities 10 times greater than CD-Rs, it’s obvious that DVD replication is the better choice compared to CD replication. We can also convert other formats from MPEG-2, MP4, Avi, VLC, DivX, MKV and other into the simple DVD format, which can be read by most players.

Authoring – How does the film get from the reel to the disc?

To begin with, there is always a professional source master which is converted through a hardware encoder into MPEG-2 format. This is the required format for further processing.

Menus are created depending on the customer’s requirements, allowing the viewer to choose the content of the DVD directly (e.g. chapters), or make a selection from different types of content (such as special features).

During the authoring process, the audio and video content is linked to the menus which have previously been created. The actual programming takes place during the pre-mastering stage, as authoring is also referred as. This is done with specialist authoring software such as Sonic Creator.

At every single stage of this process, all operations are carefully checked and on completion go through another full inspection.

If the authoring has been undertaken by easyreplication and copy protection is to be included, the customer receives a copy in the form of a DVD-R once the inspection has taken place, so that he too can check if everything is as he expects. Once the customer has signed it off, the input medium (DLT – Digital Linear Tape) then continues through the mastering process in DVD replication.

Another option is for the customer to provide a DLT directly. In this event it proceeds directly to the mastering stage without any further signing off and checking.

Mastering in DVD Replication

Up to 2 glass masters are produced during the mastering process in dvd replication. A powerful laser beam transmits the data from pre-mastering on to a photo-resistant layer, creating what are known as “pits”. After the laser process, the photo-resist layer is chemically cleaned to allow it to then be metallized with nickel. This process is repeated for each layer until all of the data are complete.

A DVD has two fathers

The glass master is used as the template to produce the ‘father’, a nickel disc approximately 300μm thick. The father can now be used as a stamper, but only for small runs. Depending on which type of DVD it is, up to two fathers are required for the production of each DVD.

For large runs, you need a mother

The ‘mother’ is then produced from the father. Practically any number of stampers can be made from the mother. We call this process the ‘family development’.

Now the pressing and sticking can begin

For the pressing process, both stampers are placed in the mould of the injection moulding machine. The pit structure (containing the information) of the mothers are filled with liquid polycarbonate. Once they have cooled off, one half is coated with aluminium or silicon (the semi-transparent mirror for DVD-9). Both discs are stuck together with a UV curing adhesive. The DVD is now complete and ready to play.

DVD replication finishing

The DVDs have still to be printed of course. Using silkscreen or offset processes we print text, images or graphics onto the DVD – creativity knows virtually no bounds. We will be glad to show you samples of particular printing techniques. All the lacquers and colours guarantee a high level of durability

email sales@easyreplication.co.uk , fill in our `easyquotation` website form or to speak direct to one of our account managers please call 01236 62 66 22


Thank you for providing an efficient and friendly service and for being so flexible to support the needs of our business. We really appreciate it and were very happy with the quality of the DVDs!

Kind regards
Adrian Smith

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