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CD Replication Services

CD (Compact Disc) is an optical storage medium for storage of digital data. The CD format was firstly developed for sound recording and only later became popular for storage of a variety of other files. These disks entered a broad market in 1982 and now are used both for storage of data and for promotional purposes.

Many people, who have not confronted with optical storage media production details, mistakenly believe the CD to be only a standard 12 cm diameter disk for storage of music or files. In reality, we have a much wider availability of CDs. Depending on the disc content and structure, there is a variety of CD format, and CD types specify the disc image and shape.

CD replication will take approximately 8 to 10 working days to manufacture because of the technical procedures involved.

First, the service provider will have to manufacture a glass master out of your original copy. Through the galvanic method, the specialty CD replication in UK will create stampers from the glass and then load it into the replication line. The CD copies are replicated by pressing the stamper into the polycarbonate. After the CDs are pressed and lacquered and cure through ultraviolet rays, they will be printed into the surface of the discs. Each disc is coated to protect it from dust, dirt, oil or other particles that could damage the content.

If you are still not sure which of the two methods will you use, here’s a rule of thumb: you will save costs on duplication if your order ranges from 1-500 pieces. Over 1,000 units even up to a million or more, it’s more cost-effective to choose bulk CD replication instead.

easyreplication prides itself in having some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. We constantly review our pricing scheme and benchmark it with other companies specialising in CD replication UK to make sure that we are ahead or right up there when it comes to affordable packages.

Our quality control is top-notch. After the replication is complete, each disc will undergo strict testing and double-checking to make sure each piece that comes out of our factory is flawless. We have the lowest failure rate in the industry.

easyreplication is one of the few service providers offering CD replication services in the UK with ISO-certified facilities. That means we complied with the international standards which augurs well for our customers. Getting the certificate is a cumbersome and expensive process but this is the only way we believe we can provide a service that our customers deserve.

We take great pleasure with a positive customer feedback, even if that means investing so much of our resources for the state-of-the-art equipment, constant upgrading of skills of our workers and complying with the highest standards in the industry. We have been in this industry for over 12 years and we are only growing strong.

One of the many advantages of dealing with us for bulk CD replication is our proficiency in packaging. We offer several options for you to make sure you don’t exceed your budget quota. We know that cost is a major factor in your decision. That’s why we employ only the best designers and marketing experts to help you design your CD package.

Whether you are a musician trying to distribute your very own album or a company looking to distribute promotional materials, you know that first impressions matter. You may have very good songs in your album with the potential to achieve commercial and artistic success but if your packaging is mediocre at best, no self-respecting radio DJ will play your song.

Accordingly, companies employing CD replication services from a service provider who lacks both the vision and competence to follow through with the project, its promotional materials will fail to attract new customers and possible investors in exhibits or trade fairs. For example, some of these companies will find out that the packaging is printed on cheap inkjet as opposed to offset litho printing, which gives that professional look and won’t run off when wet.

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Thank you for providing an efficient and friendly service and for being so flexible to support the needs of our business. We really appreciate it and were very happy with the quality of the DVDs!

Kind regards
Adrian Smith

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